Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #8: After watching some of the videos, I learned that the netbooks have webcam and microphone capabilities as well as several USB ports and an SD card reader. All of these will be very helpful for projects. I also learned that it is important to set aside some time before students use the netbooks for them to just login since the first time they login to a netbook will always take longer. I found several links for ideas on how to use the devices and good apps to download.

As for the management of the devices, I will make sure all the devices are labeled and I will assign a student from each group to be responsible for taking out and returning the device in the appropriate manner. I will definitely monitor how students are using the technology. Any student that is using the technology inappropriately may lose the privelege and will have to complete an alternate assignment. I have done this before and it seems to work well. Once they have finished completely I have a list of links to geography games and websites of interest in my diigo group and on my weebly page that students can access if they have completely finished, have no missing assignments, and have spare time.

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