Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #7: Collaboration with other geography classes

Content Objective- Given a variety of text and media resources about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, students will analyze the facts and collaborate with other students in order to create a multimedia presentation about the geography, economy, history, or social effects of the conflict. 

When: Middle East unit

Tools used: Promises film, Diigo, Blogger, Today's Meet, Google Docs

Plan: Last year, we combined our geography classes to watch a film about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, students then went back to their classroom and brainstormed ideas for an essay and they used both the film and an article to respond to key questions about the issue to turn in to their own teachers. This year perhaps we can take it a step further and get the different classes to collaborate on a presentation before, during, and after the film. We can get each class to focus on a specific aspect of the issue and teach it to the other classes in the same class period, for example my classes can create presentations to show the economic/geographic aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mrs. Reid's classes can focus on the historical aspect and Mr. Eckstein's can focus on the social aspect, etc.

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