Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #6: I used Diigo last year as a resource for my students to use when doing research. The link to the group I created last year is: 
I wiould find helpful links for them and they would go to my group page to look through the links to find information. This year however I really want them to be more involved by using student accounts where they can find information and share it with group members. I created 2 sample students accounts to see how it works, and it is very simple. I'm not sure if  I want to create a group for each class period or just continue with the one group for all my students. Also, when they have assignments on the computer that require them to navigate through several links, it is much easier for them to click on the links from my page than to type them out individually. i can highlight specific sections and make comments.

I also signed up for edmodo. I know of many teachers who use it to communicate with students, which is something I would definitely be interested in using. I can create and assign quizzes, polls, send reminders of assingments to students and students can also communicate with me and turn in assignments. I created a student group and students will be able to sign up with the group code. With other teachers, edomod can be used as another way of communication.

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