Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool #4: I used Google Docs with my students several times this past school year. The first time was a little tough because not all students were familiar with and  I wasn't aware that it functioned best when using Google Chrome. After that first time though, it became easier to use. Students liked it because they could finish things up at home if they didn't finish in class and they could all work on one product, even across class periods.
I have collaborated with my team working on our road map for the upcoming year through a GoogleDoc. As a team, we can all collaborate and edit a test or a project without having to attach a file and email back and forth.
I created a short answer form in which I sent a video link to 2 teachers about educational ipad apps and opportunity for them to respond. This is something I could definitely use in class. Allow students to work at their own pace, reading material, watching videos and then have a quiz when they are ready, to check for their understanding without having to stop and do it on paper. Not all students get through material at the same time and so if there are students that finish earlier, they have the opportunity to go ahead and take the quiz and do enrichment activities, while those that need more time, can use it.  

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