Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #3: I use video clips all the time in class. I usually use atube catcher to download the videos in case the internet goes down or the video is taken down.  I have never used ViewPure, so I thought that was a good resource to use.  

I found this video while I was teaching summer school. I didn't have a good video for the world water crisis and this one gives good information to introduce the issue.

I found this video at Snag Films. There are many geography videos divided by category. I will definitely use this site!  
 In regards tog copyright and fair use, the 4 things to consider are the purpose of the use, the nature of the use, the amount of the use, and the effect on potential makets. It is very important to give credit in all our work. When students create something, I always require them to give credit to the websites they used for pictures and information. I created a dropbox and added some text documents to it. I see this tool being used in the classroom when students are working on a project in groups. They can all access the pictures and information. It could also be a way that I can share files with my students, I could add all assignments by unit and students who were absent can easily access them, print them out and complete them and look at any videos or presentations that went with the assignment.

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  1. Didn't know about atube catcher, thanks for sharing! Yes, I think you'll like Dropbox a lot! Will you create 1 class Dropbox or have students each create own? Do you find that your students are fairly savvy with online tools or will Dropbox be new learning for them?