Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #2:  I would really have to make an effort to keep up with a blog. I have never really commented on the blogs I visit, until now. I definitely see the benefits of actively participiating in online communites. After reading the commenting advice, I see the potential meaningful comments can have. This would be something that I would share with my students so that the comments they make lead to purposeful conversations as opposed to random and disconnected comments. I don't really mind sharing my thoughts in public, it's just something you have to get used to.
I subscribed to "ipads in the classroom" and found LOTS of resources such as:



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  1. Thanks for sharing the links on using the ipad, I look forward to reading them. Do you (or have you considered) using a reader of some sort (my reader of choice is Google Reader, I use Flud News on the ipad)? While they still require consistency on the part of the user, I find that readers make the curation process more efficient.

    The life of a teacher is busy. . .but if that busyness does not include time for connection and enrichment then I wonder how long it can be productive. And, as we have been warned, we should not "confuse activity with progress".